When aging adults and their loved ones make the decision to pursue in-home care, one of the first concerns becomes finding an experienced and dedicated professional caregiver. Home care service is revolutionizing the aging landscape in that it is quickly replacing Assisted Living Facilities as the long term care solution of choice among seniors; it is based on the premise that aging adults should remain as independent as possible while living in the safety and comfort of home. To that end, a high-caliber home care agency should work hard to make sure that they are placing well-matched caregivers into the home to create an environment that enables clients to thrive and maintain optimal quality of life. Over our years of experience in the in-home care space, we identified a number of questions that routinely arise when older adults and their loved ones begin researching home care, including:

  • In what types of activities do caregivers provide assistance?
  • How do I know if my loved on is OK at home alone?
  • What are the pros and cons of a private caregiver hire versus going through a professional home care agency versus assisted living?
  • What types of questions should I ask when trying to find a caregiver?

Getting the answers to these questions and understanding exactly what caregivers do can seem like a daunting task when researching long-term care options. What is Home Care, a guide developed to provide an overview of in-home care for finding the best caregiver and care option for your your specific situation, provides the education and tools to make the best decision for you or your loved one.